Saturday, November 16, 2013


Not to long a galaxy kind of near by...silly space pirates try to steal sunlight from people! I want to tell you from the first real screenshot it feels like the veggies are bring back the classic flashback style, it reminds me on 'Are You My Neighbor?' and the veggie on the back might be Junior but he has a smaller nose so it might be someone new so I'm pumped for it on Spring 2014!

NEWS:Phil Vischer Joins YouTube!

If you guys know if you clicked on our Contact the Creator button you guys know that Phil Vischer is social with his fans and now his on the most popular way to watch videos online check out visual version of his podcast at user, Phil Vischer at here: and I'm thinking if I should do a link button soon in the future and enjoy the video now and yes I'm working on the new reviews! See you soon!