Saturday, January 25, 2014

First VeggieTales Episode for Their 21st Year!

Hi everyone! 2014 is here and we have lots of stuff to talk about of the newest VeggieTales episode, 'Veggies in Space'!
We talked about it a couple posts ago and we are pleased that this is kind of a flashback of 'Are My Neighbor?' so we can see the veggies do Star Trek again and there was recently a new Star Trek so we can bet that the parents might get some jokes more than the kids. And couple of weeks ago they showed us a sneak peek
The next thing is that the new Silly Song which is going to be called, Asternoid Cowboys! The thing I noticed is that 3-2-1 Penguins! was penguins in space that were kind of mixing cowboys! Maybe we could see a cameo of our favorite flightless birds. Also at the web VeggieTales store and you can buy a preorder with DVDs,stickers,etc. so you can buy it now! Also, you might be able to preorder it at a Christian Book Stores! And that's it for now and more info at 'Til next time see you soon!