Tuesday, December 23, 2014

In House Recaps: 'Puppies & Guppies'

Hi everybody! VeggieTales in the House has been around for a while and I will say it is time to look at the series by looking at all the episodes. Starting with the first episode Puppies & Guppies.

-I should probably give my thoughts of the theme song out of the way now. I think it is pretty good. It is not as good as the DVD series' theme song, but I can tell they were trying.

-The title card for these episodes are also pretty nicely made as well, it makes me want to see a traditionally animated episode of this show.

-I should tell you that I am a fan of both Rob Paulsen and Tress Macneille and it is nice to see them play voices in this show.

-I also think it is kind of funny that the dogs in this universe are olives, originally as you probably know, I thought it was a sweet pea. But you got to admit they did look like sweet peas.

-Now I want to talk about the character designs, I will talk about them as they appear. First off, Larry and Bob don't really look that bad, there isn't even that much of a difference between the old and new designs. Petunia isn't that bad and I like her new hairdo a lot. Then there is Laura, who isn't that great but I can tell what they were going with her.

-Also, if you are wondering about my thoughts on replacing Mr. Nezzer, I think it just fine. I will miss what Phil did, but at least it is now Rob Paulsen.

-Madame Blueberry and her new design appears briefly, so let's talk about it. I think it is just the right mix between the classic design but adding what the new designs have.

-Pa Grape first appears as well. I think it is a bit too much by adding eyes and taking off his mouth, but I think it okay as long as they go this extreme with any other characters.

-Am I the only one who thinks it is weird that they draw human dogs instead of veggie dogs?

-So now we have the first song of the series, it is okay I don't really get why they have to make it the king of song it is. It can get annoying after a while.

-So here are Jimmy and Jerry, personally these have been some of my favorite characters of the show (along with Larry and Mr. Lunt). I think Jerry actually has a good design especially his new stem. Jimmy on the other hand kind of is going to take time to get use to, mostly because of his new teeth. I know Jerry and Jerry have the same new teeth, but Jimmy has a bigger mouth so it is more of a problem.

-Also, Jimmy and Jerry's room have some good hidden gags, including a tin can with a pig with wings and most likely a drawing of a Cebu on the fridge.

-It is also weird that the guppies are not a kind of food like the puppies.

-Because I am a Pixar fan of course I tried to find references to Pixar. And in front of Pa's shop I might have found a tribute to the Luxo ball. Next time you watch an episode tell me what you think.

-So now we have the first lesson of an episode. I think it is good message for kids who might want their very own pets.

-Also, they drink root beer in this new show, just wanted to point that out because I didn't know what they were drinking when I saw the trailer.

So, that was notes I was thinking while watching this episode. I thought it was a good episode but I thought they could have did it a bit better. Anyways, if I would give this episode a rating it would be a 6/10. I will see you in the next recap!

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