Sunday, October 25, 2015

UPDATE: I Will Return to This Blog in 2016!

That's right, after not blogging in a while I've decided to not blog anymore this year. But don't worry I plan on blogging here again in 2016! I just haven't found the energy to blog, but I do plan on blogging soon. Until then, I hope you have a great rest of your year! See you hopefully sometime in January!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New 'Noah's Ark' Clips, Including New Theme Song!

Hi everybody! Today the official VeggieTales YouTube channel uploaded tons of sneak peeks of the upcoming Noah's Ark DVD coming soon.

One of these sneak peeks being the all-new theme song, which I personally loved for paying tribute to classic episodes to show the history of the show. Another clip I loved was the countertop intro sneak peeks which pokes a bit of fun of the controversial redesigns which even I have grown to like. Here's all of the sneak peeks!

Friday, January 30, 2015

New 'VeggieTales in the House' Set #2 Out Now!

Hi everybody! The second set of the new Netflix series, VeggieTales in the House, is out now! Including, more of Junior's parents, the all-new Bacon Bill, and the new LarryBoy!

-Pa Grape's Son / Larry's Cardboard Thumb
-The Gong Heard Round the House / When Dust Bunnies Came To Town
-The Bucket List / A Gift For Singing
-Lie-Monade / Let's Build a Fort
-Bacon & Ice Cream / For the Honor of LarryBoy

So, go on Netflix now to watch the second set of episodes! You can expect recaps for all of them soon! See you soon!

What do you think of these new episodes?

Review: 'Lord of the Beans'

Hi everybody! If you have been wondering why I have barely been posted anything is because I have been on the epic quest to review, Lord of the Beans!

"Lord of the Beans begins with the arrival of Randalf in the Shire for Billboy Baggypants' 122nd birthday party (which he calls his "Twelfety-twoth" birthday, referencing Bilbo's "eleventy-first" birthday in The Fellowship of the Ring). Billboy talks about retiring and leaving the Shire and uses a strange bean to produce a birthday cake. Returning to his home, he finds Randalf waiting in his living room. Randalf remarks on Billboy's impressive height, his fine clothing, and his luxuriously appointed home, knowing they have come from the bean, and warns his friend of using such things lightly. Billboy concedes that the bean has given him almost everything he could want. He then announces that he is leaving the Shire and bequeathing everything he owns, including the bean, to his nephew Toto.

Waiting for Toto, Randalf relates that Billboy has departed and draws his attention to the bean. Toto is curious as to why he would want a bean and Randalf describes the origin of a magical bean that could produce clothing, consumables, and small kitchen appliances, and also change your appearance. After verifying the bean's authenticity from an inscription left after warming it in the fire, Toto is unsure about accepting such a gift and tries to pass it off to Randalf. However, Randalf explains that one cannot choose his gifts and must determine for himself how they should best be used.

He then suggests that Toto travel to the Elders of the
Razzberry Forest for insight with some friends that he has already gathered to assist with the journey: the Ranger Ear-a-Corn; the Elf Leg-O-Lamb; the Dwarf Grumpy; and "The Other Elf", Leg-O-Lamb's brother who had nothing better to do. They trek through the Mountains of Much Snowia and eventually reach the Razzberry Forest. There, Randalf warns the others not to laugh because the Elders have lost their sense of humor. The Elders welcome them and inform Randalf that they must travel to the Land of Woe. The others burst into laughter upon hearing the greetings and native tongue of the Elders, which involves blowing raspberries. This gets them sentenced to detention on a platform forever until an Eagle "saves" them and they escape.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

In House Recaps: 'Bob & The Awesome Frosting Mustache'

Hi everybody! It's time for another In House Recap! Today's episode is, Bob & The Awesome Frosting Mustache.

-First off, why is Larry on the poster for the karaoke contest?

-Another running gag in the show is a guy named Tom Celeriac who is an action hero from the biggest movies in the veggie world.

-Okay, this isn't a bad episode of the show, but I feel like it is out of character to have Bob acting kind of like a child in this episode (example: wanting a mustache.)

-So if you remember my recap of the trailer of Season 1 you know that I didn't know what was coming out of the TV, now I know it was a big mustache. Which leads me to this question: Why did they put it in the trailer?

-The first song of this episode is Bob fantasizing about having a mustache. It's a good song, but I think it doesn't really have a purpose.

Friday, January 2, 2015

In House Recaps: 'Sorry, We're Closed Today'

Hi everybody! It's time for another In House Recap! Today, we look at the episode Sorry, We're Closed Today.

-It is nice to see Tim Hodge's name again, I forgot the last project he worked on.

-There is a running gag in this show about the fictional Plantasaurus. (Sorry if I misspelled that.)

-It is also nice to see an anime tribute here, it makes me wonder if they would do an entire like this.

-Another running gag shown here is Larry's apparent love for sardines. I don't get, but nobody does.

-I should talk about the new French Pea design, it is okay but think it looks weird sometimes.

-Archibald's new design is good, it is nothing incredible but it looks good.

-Junior's new design is okay, I like that he looks more like an asparagus but I which kept his hat.

-Mr. Lunt's new design is the best one, because he looks updated but still feels and looks like the old design. I which they did this with the other characters.

-Something that I like is that in Pa Grape's shop they have a "Wall of Silly" which has tons of nods to Silly Songs like, hairbrushes, pizza from Pizza Angel, sippy cups, cheeseburgers, pants, Barbara Manatee, high silk hats, ukuleles, sombreros, accordions, astonishing wigs, and pirate hats. Can you find any other nods?