Saturday, January 10, 2015

In House Recaps: 'Bob & The Awesome Frosting Mustache'

Hi everybody! It's time for another In House Recap! Today's episode is, Bob & The Awesome Frosting Mustache.

-First off, why is Larry on the poster for the karaoke contest?

-Another running gag in the show is a guy named Tom Celeriac who is an action hero from the biggest movies in the veggie world.

-Okay, this isn't a bad episode of the show, but I feel like it is out of character to have Bob acting kind of like a child in this episode (example: wanting a mustache.)

-So if you remember my recap of the trailer of Season 1 you know that I didn't know what was coming out of the TV, now I know it was a big mustache. Which leads me to this question: Why did they put it in the trailer?

-The first song of this episode is Bob fantasizing about having a mustache. It's a good song, but I think it doesn't really have a purpose.

-Apparently having a mustache instantly gives you attention in the veggie world, which leads me to think why isn't the French Peas or Mr. Lunt getting any attention.

-It's cool to see Larry yodeling again, but I was kind of hoping they would reference the Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps song.

-The next song here, I'm a Tomato, is my favorite probably because I like it when they reference that they are vegetables.

-The final song is okay, but I think is kind of strange how everyone gets on stage and sings. So, who won at the end? o_0

So that was the episode, what did I think? While having not that good of a story, it still was a fun episode. I would give it a 8/10! See you soon!

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