Friday, January 2, 2015

In House Recaps: 'Sorry, We're Closed Today'

Hi everybody! It's time for another In House Recap! Today, we look at the episode Sorry, We're Closed Today.

-It is nice to see Tim Hodge's name again, I forgot the last project he worked on.

-There is a running gag in this show about the fictional Plantasaurus. (Sorry if I misspelled that.)

-It is also nice to see an anime tribute here, it makes me wonder if they would do an entire like this.

-Another running gag shown here is Larry's apparent love for sardines. I don't get, but nobody does.

-I should talk about the new French Pea design, it is okay but think it looks weird sometimes.

-Archibald's new design is good, it is nothing incredible but it looks good.

-Junior's new design is okay, I like that he looks more like an asparagus but I which kept his hat.

-Mr. Lunt's new design is the best one, because he looks updated but still feels and looks like the old design. I which they did this with the other characters.

-Something that I like is that in Pa Grape's shop they have a "Wall of Silly" which has tons of nods to Silly Songs like, hairbrushes, pizza from Pizza Angel, sippy cups, cheeseburgers, pants, Barbara Manatee, high silk hats, ukuleles, sombreros, accordions, astonishing wigs, and pirate hats. Can you find any other nods?

-I like that they mention that they have no hands, it is a nice reference.

-Our next song/lesson is, Cooperate. The song is okay, but I like that they are teaching kids this lesson.

Overall, this is a good episode with a good lesson. If I would rate this episode I would give it a 8/10! Anyways, see you soon!

What do you think of this episode?

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