Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New 'Noah's Ark' Clips, Including New Theme Song!

Hi everybody! Today the official VeggieTales YouTube channel uploaded tons of sneak peeks of the upcoming Noah's Ark DVD coming soon.

One of these sneak peeks being the all-new theme song, which I personally loved for paying tribute to classic episodes to show the history of the show. Another clip I loved was the countertop intro sneak peeks which pokes a bit of fun of the controversial redesigns which even I have grown to like. Here's all of the sneak peeks!

I personally have grown to love this new kind of VeggieTales, it blends what people loved about the classic episodes and mixed them with new ideas and characters! You can you pre-order the episode at the VeggieTales online store and the Wal-Mart online store. See you soon!

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